Chapter 7 – With the best of intentions, my motive is to help people!! – It’s a lie though!!

Chapter 7 – With the best of intentions, my motive is to help people!! It’s a lie though!!

In front of my eyes, there were two women on a simple bed trying to examine me.

Hmm, why are the two of them on the same bed?

Ah, the young lady moved near the maid huh.

I guess after the two of them suddenly got captured they couldn’t just sit there quietly being treated.

The maid might have moved towards the princess but realistically speaking, since she broke both her legs, that would be a problem. If she did infact had moved then that would have been worth praising but I guess it would also remind me of a horror type of feeling if I saw that at night.

[Oriel, don’t overdo it. Any more than this…]
[No, until my life runs out, I will be by your side.]
Ok, It became horror-esque.
[Yeah, yeah, please listen to my story]
[I can treat you guys, but I would like you to abide by certain conditions.]
[Don’t screw with me, Do you know who this person is?]
[Wait, Oriel…Could you also tell me some things? Why did you not forcefully make us submit to you?]

Hou, she seems to have a pretty high capacity to think.

Hmm, why did I not forcibly make them slaves and do this and that to them?

Let me prepare a simple answer. A japanese person wouldn’t just accept slaves. (Most people in mondern times would be against it so it makes sense.)

They probably wouldn’t believe me though.
In most light novels or manga, it’s proably a japanese person’s kindness? But its also alright if its a characteristic of the protagonist.

[Returning a question in reply to a question is rude but what’s the advantage in making you slaves?]

Right, the problem is the word “Slave”.
She, the princess, seem to have a face that just oozed the feeling that she couldn’t understand what I was talking about.

[Eh, tha, use in manual labor, or… indecent deeds, maybe.]

Including the latter part, that’s what the benefits of a slave are. It’s being “forced”.

Even on earth, the slavery system still existed. In short it could still be used. (we are slaves to corporations now- Mr. Robot)
But, even then, on earth the slavery system even if in just appearances is not accepted.

Because it’s not humane?
Don’t say stupid shit, you aren’t listening to such a ostensible reason right?
It’s just too inefficient.

In a way, in the short term it’s very efficient since all you have to do is gather people instead of paying wages.
“Rebellion” “Rioting” “Skill development stagnation”
There are a mountain of minus points that come with that short term benefit. At a certain point earthlings recognized that.
Below the surface, people being used as slaves, even on earth there’s a ton of situations like that.
It’s not like that? Don’t be stupid. Even now there are a lot of countries in the middle of civil wars.
They aren’t slaves? Then replacing the top of the country peacefull would end all the problems, right?
Even in modern Japan, the country’s top get replaced regularly.
That alone won’t improve anything. It won’t stop. It wouldn’t ever stop.
Countries like that still exist.
But, publically you will never hear the word “Slave” being flung around. If you did that then, thanks to the information society of earth, every country in the world would turn against you.

Well, that was long. My true motive is that if I use slaves to manage the dungeon, then in the short term it might be beneficial but in the long term it would be useless.
[Hmm, using you guys “forcefully” as slaves might be be good]

This person’s a princess right? Is her head full of flowers? (As smart as a lawyer is honest)
[Then is the person next to your slave? I don’t know which city of village you come from but is everyone there a slave?]
(There no way it’s like that. I trust Oriel. I would never ever look down on her as if she was my slave.]
[It’s strange isn’t it. Even if you didn’t trust them as long as they were your slave then it would be fine anyway right?]
[I don’t desire something like…]

That’s how she understood the topic’s conclusion.

[You want us to trust you…possibly, it won’t work unless that happens right?]
[That’s how it is, it’s fine if you refuse. It’s not like I’m forcing like a slave. Well, I have my own circumstances too. I don’t need slaves but those who I could trust.
[Then in order to earn our trust, please treat Oriel’s wounds.]
[Don’t say stupid things, I don’t know that Oriel person. There’s now guarantee that she will attack me the moment she’s healed right?]

How should I put it, healing the person who staring you like your her mortal foe without any guarantees, who would be the stupid one then.
Personally, no matter how many cheats a protagonist was given when he/she was thrown into a new world, someone who treats someone like that would be labeled “stupid” by me.

[Oriel won’t attack you since you have saved my life, that I guarantee.]
[Uh, no, it’s impossible to guarantee that. That’s why first listen to my conditions.]
[…That’s fine. Speaking of that, I haven’t heard your conditions.]
[Then let me proceed in a simple way. You will let me cast my skill assigned guardian on you.]
[Assigned Guardian? It’s a skill I haven’t heard of]

[The effect is that whoever this skill is cast on the following effects will be generated: “Guaranteed safety” “Movement outside assigned zone restricted” “Causing harm to others is prohibited”, etc. This would be the things cast on you due to the skill. There nothing you will be forced to do like a slave would.]
[Nothing will be forced but it will be like a prisoner of war right? It’s not just this right? This isn’t all the conditions right? This will just be in regards to guaranteeing your own safety. Its seems to me from your previous story that you seem to have some other goal.]

[Oh my, I thought you were just a princess as a decoration(?) but you have thought of various things right? I have a better opinion of you now.]
[Yes, I have fallen all the way to a “Slave”. So no matter how much hope I have lost, if I can protect Oriel who has followed me uptil now then I will keep doing anything I can until the very end.]

[My conditions are that I would like your cooperation. I won’t reveal the particulars but I would like information on this continent. I saw that you were someone who resides in the upper echelons of society so lend me your knowlege. I won’t say give it to me for free. Depending on you cooperation from now on, I will free you and return you back to your own country.]
[Alright, I accept your terms. Oriel it’s alright, right?]
[…If Herge-sama say that then it’s fine]

[OK, then let me cast my skill]
[Please wait a moment, those men from before are still alive right. If you won’t free us first then.]
[Ah, I will ask them if it doesn’t work. But first let me try to cast it.]

I heard from Luna that anyone with the slavery collar on can be forced to listen to orders. Obviously, “attacking your master is forbidden” is a basic order that’s inserted in the collars. But my skill, overwrites that, atleast that’s what Luna said.

[Negotiating with your master on everything is troublesome isn’t it. Properly negotiating is one thing but negotiating is impossible when your opponent has one foot in the grave right?]

Then you might say that won’t it be fine if you just forcefully cast your skill on them. But the casting restriction is that the opponent has to willingly accept the spell or it won’t work.

When I cast the skill, only the princess had light envelop her and was released from the collar.
[It really came off! Then, I accepted your conditions. Please quickly treat Oriel!]
[I didn’t tell you this on purpose but this skill won’t work on someone unless they “accept” from their heart. Look at Miss Oriel over there.]
[…Oriel, you weren’t released, can’t be…]
[It, It’s not like that! That guy without fail just forgot to cast it on me!!]

[Hou, I’m the bad guy?]

This woman’s no good. It was good that I was on guard. This is proof that you can’t traverse through like just on good intentions.

[Please, give her one more chance…]
Herge, got on her knees and bowed her head.

[Even though, personally I would ignore it but will miss Oriel accept my conditions? Your master is bowing head to me for you.]
[…Alright, I accept your conditions. But, if you hurt Herge-sama, I will definitely kill you]

Even though Herge chided her, Oriel didn’t stop staring at me.

[It’s fine with me, besides aside from the conditions, I didn’t have any intention to restrict you. Then, here I go]
And so, the collar fell from Oriel’s head.
[Well then, let me begin treating you. “Extra Heal”]

The two women were wrapped in a light green light.

[Wha, Extra Heal! Moreover on multiple targets! Are you a famous healer?]

Herge-san…The princess was looking at me with a surprised look.
Oriel stood up and then tried to open and close her hands. Then she jumped for a little while.
That’s how she confirmed that she was properly healed.

[I won’t say thanks. This was a deal, afterwards I will properly retain the favor.]

[Ah, if you just follow the terms of the deal than there’s no problem. Something like “Trust” is built so fast anyway. For now just rest here and we can discuss more things tommorrow.]

Saying that I moved to leave the room.
[Ah, Thank You very much. It might be rude now but my name is Herge. What is your name if I may ask?]

I won’t say my full name but well I guess I need to tell what to call me.
Well in any case I guess I will introduce myself.

[That was rude of me. My name is Yuki. You might have realized but I am the manager of this dungeon. Well if you have any problems, you can just call the goblins standing outside. We will try to accomodate you as much as we can.]

Saying that, I left the room.

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  1. Thank you! This is Chapter 6 isn’t it?

    […Something like “Trust” is built so fast anyway.]
    Never seen someone say trust is built fast. I kinda feel like it should be ‘isn’t built so fast’, but not sure what the raw says.


  2. Yeah, Slavery is just silly long term. If it were profitable then we would still have it you know?

    Much easier to make people enslave themselves on starvation wages.


  3. Do you plan on adding a Proper ToC or so to your site? The way it is now makes it annoying to read older chapters. Though it’s still manageable with so few chapters.


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