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So pretty soon I will start churning out translations like a madman this summer. I have decided to start with Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou (Certain Victory Dungeon Administration Technique -> The Way to Absolute Dungeon Administration – There is no reason to meet with the Opponent!). It is a Web novel published on Syosetsu and I’m liking the protagonist pretty far into the story.

A quote/premise someone posted on Animesuki: “One day in a sunny leisure day, a woman visited my house and asked me if I’m interested in managing a dungeon along with support offer from goddess. But of course, I refused. Eh? I shouldn’t ignore person in trouble, moreover if it’s beautiful woman? No way that’s too bothersome and why do I have to do that? I’m perfectly satisfied with my comfortable life now, throwing it away is just overly stupid…… …sigh, fine, so it’s go to another world, become a dungeon master, manage a dungeon and deal with the Mana circulation problem? Understood, but how to do it?”

More information on the novel with some images can be found at this link:http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=132468


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So sorry for the hiatus. I haven’t forgotten about this. I just started my second year in pharmacy school and keeping up and getting used to tests every week is taking a bit of getting used to. Also I work to deal with and am trying to keep a 4.0. Probably next week around wednesday-thursday should be another chapter.

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Chapter 5 – People are like this no matter where you look in the world!

Chapter 5 – People are like this no matter where you look in the world!

Side: Herge Lau Rochelle

I emulate to be a leader on this continent. As the third princess of the country of Rochelle, 世に受けました (I received this world? I don’t get this phrase). In other words it means that I have the heavy responsibility of leading the people.

Ever since I came to comprehend the world, I believed that Rochelle itself will bring peace to this continent and that it was the only righteous country that could do so. Only under the rule of Rochelle would the people be able to find peace of mind.

And so, I never thought of questioning that. Whenever I would reveal myself to the citizens near the castle, everyone would show me their smiling faces cheering “Princess Herge Banzai (hurray)”. That’s why I thought that for those people, wasn’t there anything I could do.

Royalty couldn’t appear on the front lines, and as a princess it wasn’t even remotely feasible. I did try running it by mother and father but they just said “If you were ever hurt the people would become sad”.

Like that, the days passed as I tried to find something I could do. Both of my elder sisters said that didn’t I know that it was impossible “Herge’s heart is all that’s needed to save the people” and “what are you saying, there’s no way you could do anything there”.

One day, Oriel who was looking over me said that “If I may be able to give you some advice. Your majesty, it’s just as you say. If you can’t stand on the front lines then how about offering healing around that area?”

My eyes froze from hearing Oriel’s words.

[That’s…right. My view was too narrow. Just standing on the front lines isn’t the only thing that can help the country nor its people. Thank You Oriel. Then you should look for someone who can teach me healing magic. Normally I would go looking and bow my head but as the princess if I did such a thing there would be unrest among the people.]

[As Herge-sama wishes.]

Then as I was learning healing magic, a miracle occurred. As I was trying to heal some wounded patients, suddenly I was enveloped in a warm light….one of the 3 goddesses of this world, Lilith-sama, descended in front of me.

[Herge Lau Rochelle. I have seen what you have done so far. For you country and its people you have continued to work tirelessly.]

I started kneeling at that place.

[You’re too kind but there are still many whose lives are still falling. Lilith-sama’s words to me, I am thankful for those from the bottom of my heart but please grant us your blessing not for me but for those who are still struggling to live their lives.]

Hearing my rude words, Lilith-sama’s smile still didn’t leave her face.

[Rest assured I have received those words. If it’s you, even after receiving my blessing you won’t lose your way, You want to save people so they won’t lose their loved ones right. Then, received my blessing.]

The light enveloped me and I was awarded “Saint of Healing” and “Excellent talent in Magic”.

Hearing this story, Yuki-san started looking at me shadily. Yuki started saying [It’s boring that its so template-esque….anyway this pattern basically signaled a failure in the future right (flag set). No, currently the princess has already tasted failure.]. I’m embarrassed to say but it’s just like he says.

And so after I received the blessing in front of the people they started shouting “Seijo-sama!!(=saint-sama).” And so I worked even harder than before for the people and the country.

But that didn’t continue for long. I had forgotten that both countries had started fighting each other.

I don’t know the details but I came to set foot in a village from the enemy country.

[This village is that was oppressed by this country’s king and the people of this village that were suffering requested out help. We will go first and secure the village. Princess…no, once Seijo-sama’s safety is established please follow us. Please heal the villagers.]

As I recalled the goddess’ words, without thinking of anything but helping people proceeded to the village but there was only a trampled and burned down village there. There wasn’t even one person alive.

[Some…Someone! Please Reply! Someone!]

As I was about to jump in, I was stopped by Oriel.

[Herge-sama, please calm down. Where is the forward unit!?]

Oriel instructed the forces to spread out and look at the situation, After a while the commanding officer came out and laid out a carpet in front of me and said, [Ha, Seijo-sama, as you ordered. We finished annihilating the villagers who resisted to the very end. As planned, we can use this place as a stopover point. As one would expect of someone with the king’s blood. I am amazed at your wisdom.]

With a bowed head and a happy look he said those words to me….

[Eh, eh…? Wha…What do you mean. Ori…Oriel…]

This merciless scene in front of me was on my orders? I don’t understand.

Oriel with a bitter face escorted me to the tent and explained it to me.

[I’m sorry Herge-sama. In order to enter the foreign country’s village rightfully we needed to establish it as our territory.]

It took a while for Oriel’s words to reach my body.

[I….If only I hadn’t come here. This village…the people…]

Near my foot, a doll came into my view. It was dyed red.


[Please calm down, Herge-sama! Herge-sama!]

And so a month after that, using that village as a base we attacked a city. We succeeded in having them surrender.

What “Excellent Seijo”…this is just me spilling blood isn’t it.

Side: Mob

[No, help me! Stop it!]

Under me there was a girl, with knife cuts all over her body who was being raped.

Of course the one who was doing it was me. It wasn’t interesting at all.

My daughter was around this age too…Aaaa, my thoughts became choppy.


Like that I swung the knife down.

It was just reckless stabbing.

[Aa, fat…mother….]

Little by little, her eyes opened and she stopped moving.

[Yo, you seem to have enjoyed yourselves there.]

Next to me, Raiya was standing covered in blood. At his feet there was a woman like mine laying there.

[How’d it go over there, Curse]

[Igyaaaaa! Stoooop!!]

Curse who was attacking a girl without changing his expression fired a fireball at the girl’s face.


Already, It didn’t sound like a human moreover a girl’s voice.

And so, after a few seconds the sound disappeared, there only layed a burned block of flesh.

[Really, I can’t feel anything.]

Curse saying that, sat down on a nearby chair.

Us 3 attacked this city that was a part of the country of Rochelle. After that we enjoyed ourselves. Well we didn’t enjoy ourselves at all though.

[Hero of the destroyed city, huh, right now its a skill we don’t even want.]

The three of them said while sitting on chairs and having an appropriate meal.

Raiya replied to my words.

[It doesn’t matter we do or don’t. We will attack the seijo and keep attacking her and keeping destroying her pieces, we will exposes everything.]

Words like killing her, those sweet words won’t come out anymore Curse.

Why were we doing these crazy things?

It was simple.

We were burned so we are going to burn them. A child’s reasoning? I know, but my wife or daughter’s regret, our unbearable feelings… its already all messed up.

Normally, we were just adventurers. We had good friends, blessed with a wife and daughter. One day when monsters came into the village we fell in a desperate situation.

When we realized we came to be known as the heroes of that city. There was where I met my wife and my daughter was born. Compared to any treasure or any amount of money they were irreplaceable to me.

My partner raiya replied that [My bad but I too had a promised person with a long relationship]. Its definitely that village girl. There was an age difference but with Raiya as a partner there wasn’t anything to be worried about.

[And finding a partner for you was really hard, wasn’t it.] I called out to a magician who was related often with this city. Why was finding a partner hard? It’s simple. It was because I was the son of the lord of the village and people always thought what is he thinking becoming an adventurer.

[Then, Mob-san’s daughter is fine right] was the reply that was returned to me which caused me to lose control. [Do it after you defeat me!!] was my reply in the middle of the tavern….those days were fun.

One day, we got word that Rochelle was advancing towards the village, Raiya’s lover was living in. It was being led by the Seijo-sama so we thought that it was relief efforts. Even in the empire, her efforts had entered our ears. But Raiya didn’t calm down from that. From that we accepted a quest which told us to go to the village and observe the Rochelle army.

And that was the start of the breaking. The village was reduced to ashes and there was nothing but bodies. Holding her in his arms, I didn’t have any words for Raiya.

[I’m alright Mob, Curse.]

Saying that while crying had no persuasive power.

We reported this to the lord but we couldn’t just sit back.

The seijo’s efforts were heard everywhere so no one belived the information we reported, which turned everyone into our enemies.

After a month, using the village as the base, Rochelle attacked this city. The opponent’s actions were unexpected so the resistance wasn’t enough. And so the city was left with barely any survivors. Finally the big shots realized that it was Rochelle using the seijo as a sheild and a flag to attack us. But for me, I couldn’t care less. After realizing Rochelle attacking us, we started retaliating.

For us it was already too slow. Raiya and Curse’s eyes were already clouded.

There was no reason to retreat. Our treasure won’t come back anymore.

That’s why we didn’t have any morals or ethics. We weren’t any different than bandits. No, bandits still leave behind things that can be used alive. so they were better than us who got rid of everything.

[Aaaa, where are you Seijo-sama?]

And so we passed by a flag that we thought we had seen before.

Side: Herge Lau Rochelle

After attacking that village the strife became more grim. The opponent’s cites still kept falling but the opponent also started attacking. This side and that side too, a number of cities and villages had burned down.

Washing blood with blood…after all it was my fault for starting this right?
Oriel says that’s wrong but I can’t remove that scene from that village from my eyes.


This is supposed to be withing our own country but that flag is…has the enemy already reached us.

[Sorry driver, but this place is dangerous. Hurry up and drive past…]

Before Oriel could complete her thought, suddenly the carriage rolled on it side.


My whole body hurts…When I look up, with a pained face, Oriel was protecting me by holding me close.

[Herge-sama…Are you alright?…I’m sorry]

Oriel’s leg was facing a weird position.

[Oriel!!!I will heal you right…]

But I wasn’t able to heal her, when I realized my situation, I was on the ground.


My voice that came out was really strange.

[Oi, Oi, did she say Herge]
[This is the Seijo?]

That’s how we fell to become slaves…no, it was a natural conclusion.

Side: Oriel

I couldn’t protect Herge-sama.
Currently we were currently the slaves of 3 men who seemed to be mercenaries and we passed our days being tormented…

[It hurrtss!]

Herge-sama’s voice echoed. I have to protect her.


Dragging my blood covered body to Herge-sama. When I was caught, my leg was broken. These mercernaries also broke my other leg and my right arm.


Herge-sama’s voice echoed. Somehow, if only I could get there.

[Ah? Oi, Raiya]

The man named Raiya grabbed my broken leg and started dragging me…


My eyes became blurry from the pain.
Trying to bear the pain, the man named Raiya seemed to sense something.

[This feeling, A dungeon huh…I just came up with a great idea]

His empty eyes suddenly faced me.

[Oi, Mob, there’s a dungeon nearby]
[So, what do you wanna do. Oi, you’re covered with blood aren’t you Seijo-sama. So dirty!]

Making fist, he puched Herge in the face.


She’s already in a state where she can’t even raise her voice.
Raiya seeing that, started telling his plans.

[She will realize a woman’s happiness if she becomes a goblin’s wife right?]


In front of my eyes, I saw Herge-sama dyed in red. Bringing her to this state and still trying to steal the little dignity she still has…!!

[Shut up, caterpillar (could be subbed for worm)]

As soon as I heard that, my head recieved a blow. I sank into darkness. (faints)

Side: Kasuya – The protagonist?


I started having doubts after seeing my opponents actions.
Not using slaves as sheilds, Like that they arrived in front of G Comapany’s 1st squad and threw them in front of them.

[Here, we have some females here, hurry up and rape them.]

I recieved that type of voice from the monitor.
Ah, that’s how it is. I understand after thinking about it for a bit. The master can see their slaves’ statuses and so these 3 men know that their slaves were not commoners.

And still, they didn’t give them to the empire nor return them back to Rochelle, so they must have some personal grudge…

Yup, its a drama alright…its bloodstained though.

But sorry, I don’t care for the tragedy or the dramatic ending.

This seems like some story in a movie or something but I have my own reasons and goals.

[Conduct Operations as planned. Do it!]

That’s how I gave my orders.

At the end of the day, if I had to say something it would be “there are people like this no matter where you look in the world” right?

Chapter 8 – Let’s listen to some information!

Chapter 8 – Let’s listen to some information!

Side: Herge Lau Rochelle

The door closed in front of my eyes. I heard the footsteps go farther away.
[A dungeon master? That can’t be]
I murmered by myself.
He introduced himself as “Dungeon Adminstrator”.
But, with the current situations, he…Yuki-san wouldn’t tell us a lie.
I was sheltered? insde a dungeon, and there I encountered supposed vile creatures who were especially hated by women, goblins.
Those goblins took us here without hurting us.

[Oriel, do you believe Yuki-san when he said that he was a dungeon master?]
[With the current situation, I don’t think he would lie but I also think he didn’t tell use the truth.]
[I also agree with that…]
[Yes, he, Yuki wasn’t it, I still can’t make a judgement on our circumstances. Even though I said that, Yuki did treat us and therefore kept true his word]

Oriel frowned as she recalled what she had said before.

[Orield, as I thought, you…]
[Yes, I’m very sorry. Not as far as killing but I thought we should take take control of the situation.]

I can’t say that I don’t understand her feelings. We don’t know what the opponent’s expectations were as he put us under his protection. But, Yuki-san at the moment is keeping his word.
We, who were suffering after being turned into slaves, were freed by him after all.

[I don’t know what will happen from now on but as long as there is no harm that could come upon us, we will not interact with Yuki-san with hostility of violence.
[Yes, I accept. But, Assigned Guardian…the act itself seems to already have been sealed. After I was healed, I tried to hit him but I couldn’t.]

Oriel’s dedication is something I’m thankful for but this time it went too far. Right now he’s done nothing wrong. In fact, he not only treated us but also freed us from the slavery collars. Normally you would thank someone by bowing your head even if they were a dungeon master.

[Tommorow, it seems we will have a chance to speak more. We have to properly apologize and give thanks Oriel.]
[…I am unable to promise that. For me, Herge-sama’s safety takes priority.]

I lectured Oriel until it was time for a meal.

Side: Kasuya Torino Alias: Yuki For the time being the protagonist (lol)

Well first lets proceed with the women’s story. The guys also had various things happen but, well they were lacking in ability so I left them out. The next time I come up with something I will talk with them.

After all, that day I told them that I would talk with the tommorow and went back to my room.
Right now its 8:00 a.m.: Like always I woke up to my cell phone alarm.
The first day I doubted that I had actually come to another world but human adapt fast. Right away, I opened the map and made sure that nothing was strange. Well, even if there was something wrong with the dungeon or there was an invasion the alarm would sound. But after all, I still worry about things.

635 DP

Oh, It increased more than I thought. The three guys I captured yesterday in the dungeon didn’t have the guardianship apply to them so every hour their MP was absorbed and changed to DP. The women too weren’t put under the guardianship immmediately so they too gave the dungeon about 1-2 hrs worth of MP.
If there’s a light battle or a battle without any humans, then I’m not to be alerted when I’m sleeping as long its judged that it can be handled properly.
Well, disregarding that, if I think about it, every hour 1% of the MP of the prisoners is absorbed.
Having prisoners with MP in the thousands is indeed delicious.
Let me think about using this path later…For now. lets eat breakfast quickly and get information from the two girls.

After eating my fill, I went to their room with a notepad and a ballpen since ofcourse a PC would only cause confusion.
I could’ve bought a map with the “Soko Hore Wan Wan” but it was a whopping 10,000 DP.
Thinking about various things, I arrived where the girls were.

[Good morning. How are you feeling today?]
[Thank you for asking. We feel fine.]
[Is that so, Miss Oriel was it, are you also alright?]
[Ah, there’s no problem…Yesterday, I was impolite. Because of the circumstances I was overly antagonistic.]

Oriel apologized a little awkwardly.

[No, Please don’t mind. So, about our discussion…is it fine for you to give some information?]
[Yes, we don’t mind. But, Yuki-san are you really a dungeon master. We aren’t doubting you but you are completely different from the stories we have heard about dungeon masters.]
[Please excuse me but I don’t understand what those dungeon masters that Herge-sama speaks of are like]
[What do you mean by that?]
[I was…]
[Please wait a second, I don’t mind if you speak normally. (he was speaking formally the whole time)]
[If that is so, I will take take you up on that offer. When I woke up I was suddenly made a manager of this dungeon or as you would say master.]

After that I started telling them a story built on lies. I didn’t know what the name of this continent was, and the place where I was from didn’t have dungeons. Before I came to live in this dungeon, I was a normal person living in a city. (In a way he’s not lying)
But, I intuitively understood that I was connected with the dungeon core here and that if anything happened to it, something bad would also happen to me. Although I lost my bearings, for the time being I protected this dungeon while trying to find people to talk to…

I guess it just kept coming out. Well most of it wasn’t a lie just with slight differences in meaning.

[So that’s what happened, Something like that]
[Ah, you might not believe me but please understand. I was also confused in the begining.]
[No, I trust Yuki-san’s actions. What do you think Oriel?]
[It makes sense. Besides there’s no point in deceiving us here.]
[Alright, well is it alright if I ask you a few things.]
[Yes no problem.]

And so, I asked about the information that I needed right now.
From now on, I started recording the question and anwer in a itemized list.

Dungeon administrator…Called Dungeon Master…When a dungeon is finished, a suppression party is immediately dispatched, It becomes a place for surveillance by adventurers and a familiar training ground for knights. The dungeon is also dangerous and the only safe place in a dungeon would be where the core is located. If the monsters are strong enough to be used as training partners then the dungeon isn’t captured immediately.

Also, a dungeon that has a dungeon master like me, is assigned the highest of level of danger, It’s been recorded up to now that 12 of these were found. Each time one was found, the country would send a company made up of its imperial guard to subjugate it. But in 2 instances there were dungeons that were strong enough to swallow a Maoh (demon king) and a powerful country back in those days.

A hero…as I thought they seem to exist, there seem to be heroes that rise from people of this world and that there have been a number of these heroes that have lived and died in these world. But even among them the heroes that come from another world are granted extraordinarily powerful skills suited for combat. Shit, after all they have other world summoning here.

Maoh….that too is according to the template. The king that rules the demons (mazoku) and apparitions (mamono). Well my definition is vague so I attached the definitions of this world. Well like there would be demon king who would just come out and say “show me your skills, ore ga maoh da (i am the demon king)”. Right now there seem to be two Demon kings on this continent. I will think of their names if I ever meet them.

Regarding this continent…I can’t understand its size based just on the conversation but the current location the dungeon is at is part of the country of Rochelle. 15 km from here there seems to be a city. “Shit! Isn’t 15 km too close?” I panicked thinking that but I guess this is a different world. There are no cars in this world and travel is by horses. Also outside the city there are a lot of mamono so travel is made more difficult. I guess Luna was right in situating me in this location.

Regarding the country of Rochelle…It’s said to be one of the five top nations in the continent. It said to be extremely powerful country that’s not looked down upon by others. Right now its in the middle of a struggle with another country with regards to territory. I felt that there was some exageration since in front of me there was the country’s princess.
I don’t know if she would tell me the situation regarding the country’s defence but when I asked her the population of the capital she gave the answer easily. [200,000 people reside in the flourishing capital and with benevolent king will continue to increase.]
200,000 people huh…As I thought, its the level of medieval Europe.

In regards to currency…it moves by the 10 incremental rule which helps me out a lot.
Copper<Silver<Gold<White Gold
1 gold coin can support a family of four for a month. Also the denominations (unit) are [Foru/Folu]

Regarding race…Like Luna said, those with animal ears attached are the beast race, the elves, the human race, and there are also those who are halves.
Well I recieved various information from them, gradually as I thought that I was getting hungry, it became 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

[Sorry for taking such a long time. Shall I prepare lunch?]

Chapter 7 – With the best of intentions, my motive is to help people!! – It’s a lie though!!

Chapter 7 – With the best of intentions, my motive is to help people!! It’s a lie though!!

In front of my eyes, there were two women on a simple bed trying to examine me.

Hmm, why are the two of them on the same bed?

Ah, the young lady moved near the maid huh.

I guess after the two of them suddenly got captured they couldn’t just sit there quietly being treated.

The maid might have moved towards the princess but realistically speaking, since she broke both her legs, that would be a problem. If she did infact had moved then that would have been worth praising but I guess it would also remind me of a horror type of feeling if I saw that at night.

[Oriel, don’t overdo it. Any more than this…]
[No, until my life runs out, I will be by your side.]
Ok, It became horror-esque.
[Yeah, yeah, please listen to my story]
[I can treat you guys, but I would like you to abide by certain conditions.]
[Don’t screw with me, Do you know who this person is?]
[Wait, Oriel…Could you also tell me some things? Why did you not forcefully make us submit to you?]

Hou, she seems to have a pretty high capacity to think.

Hmm, why did I not forcibly make them slaves and do this and that to them?

Let me prepare a simple answer. A japanese person wouldn’t just accept slaves. (Most people in mondern times would be against it so it makes sense.)

They probably wouldn’t believe me though.
In most light novels or manga, it’s proably a japanese person’s kindness? But its also alright if its a characteristic of the protagonist.

[Returning a question in reply to a question is rude but what’s the advantage in making you slaves?]

Right, the problem is the word “Slave”.
She, the princess, seem to have a face that just oozed the feeling that she couldn’t understand what I was talking about.

[Eh, tha, use in manual labor, or… indecent deeds, maybe.]

Including the latter part, that’s what the benefits of a slave are. It’s being “forced”.

Even on earth, the slavery system still existed. In short it could still be used. (we are slaves to corporations now- Mr. Robot)
But, even then, on earth the slavery system even if in just appearances is not accepted.

Because it’s not humane?
Don’t say stupid shit, you aren’t listening to such a ostensible reason right?
It’s just too inefficient.

In a way, in the short term it’s very efficient since all you have to do is gather people instead of paying wages.
“Rebellion” “Rioting” “Skill development stagnation”
There are a mountain of minus points that come with that short term benefit. At a certain point earthlings recognized that.
Below the surface, people being used as slaves, even on earth there’s a ton of situations like that.
It’s not like that? Don’t be stupid. Even now there are a lot of countries in the middle of civil wars.
They aren’t slaves? Then replacing the top of the country peacefull would end all the problems, right?
Even in modern Japan, the country’s top get replaced regularly.
That alone won’t improve anything. It won’t stop. It wouldn’t ever stop.
Countries like that still exist.
But, publically you will never hear the word “Slave” being flung around. If you did that then, thanks to the information society of earth, every country in the world would turn against you.

Well, that was long. My true motive is that if I use slaves to manage the dungeon, then in the short term it might be beneficial but in the long term it would be useless.
[Hmm, using you guys “forcefully” as slaves might be be good]

This person’s a princess right? Is her head full of flowers? (As smart as a lawyer is honest)
[Then is the person next to your slave? I don’t know which city of village you come from but is everyone there a slave?]
(There no way it’s like that. I trust Oriel. I would never ever look down on her as if she was my slave.]
[It’s strange isn’t it. Even if you didn’t trust them as long as they were your slave then it would be fine anyway right?]
[I don’t desire something like…]

That’s how she understood the topic’s conclusion.

[You want us to trust you…possibly, it won’t work unless that happens right?]
[That’s how it is, it’s fine if you refuse. It’s not like I’m forcing like a slave. Well, I have my own circumstances too. I don’t need slaves but those who I could trust.
[Then in order to earn our trust, please treat Oriel’s wounds.]
[Don’t say stupid things, I don’t know that Oriel person. There’s now guarantee that she will attack me the moment she’s healed right?]

How should I put it, healing the person who staring you like your her mortal foe without any guarantees, who would be the stupid one then.
Personally, no matter how many cheats a protagonist was given when he/she was thrown into a new world, someone who treats someone like that would be labeled “stupid” by me.

[Oriel won’t attack you since you have saved my life, that I guarantee.]
[Uh, no, it’s impossible to guarantee that. That’s why first listen to my conditions.]
[…That’s fine. Speaking of that, I haven’t heard your conditions.]
[Then let me proceed in a simple way. You will let me cast my skill assigned guardian on you.]
[Assigned Guardian? It’s a skill I haven’t heard of]

[The effect is that whoever this skill is cast on the following effects will be generated: “Guaranteed safety” “Movement outside assigned zone restricted” “Causing harm to others is prohibited”, etc. This would be the things cast on you due to the skill. There nothing you will be forced to do like a slave would.]
[Nothing will be forced but it will be like a prisoner of war right? It’s not just this right? This isn’t all the conditions right? This will just be in regards to guaranteeing your own safety. Its seems to me from your previous story that you seem to have some other goal.]

[Oh my, I thought you were just a princess as a decoration(?) but you have thought of various things right? I have a better opinion of you now.]
[Yes, I have fallen all the way to a “Slave”. So no matter how much hope I have lost, if I can protect Oriel who has followed me uptil now then I will keep doing anything I can until the very end.]

[My conditions are that I would like your cooperation. I won’t reveal the particulars but I would like information on this continent. I saw that you were someone who resides in the upper echelons of society so lend me your knowlege. I won’t say give it to me for free. Depending on you cooperation from now on, I will free you and return you back to your own country.]
[Alright, I accept your terms. Oriel it’s alright, right?]
[…If Herge-sama say that then it’s fine]

[OK, then let me cast my skill]
[Please wait a moment, those men from before are still alive right. If you won’t free us first then.]
[Ah, I will ask them if it doesn’t work. But first let me try to cast it.]

I heard from Luna that anyone with the slavery collar on can be forced to listen to orders. Obviously, “attacking your master is forbidden” is a basic order that’s inserted in the collars. But my skill, overwrites that, atleast that’s what Luna said.

[Negotiating with your master on everything is troublesome isn’t it. Properly negotiating is one thing but negotiating is impossible when your opponent has one foot in the grave right?]

Then you might say that won’t it be fine if you just forcefully cast your skill on them. But the casting restriction is that the opponent has to willingly accept the spell or it won’t work.

When I cast the skill, only the princess had light envelop her and was released from the collar.
[It really came off! Then, I accepted your conditions. Please quickly treat Oriel!]
[I didn’t tell you this on purpose but this skill won’t work on someone unless they “accept” from their heart. Look at Miss Oriel over there.]
[…Oriel, you weren’t released, can’t be…]
[It, It’s not like that! That guy without fail just forgot to cast it on me!!]

[Hou, I’m the bad guy?]

This woman’s no good. It was good that I was on guard. This is proof that you can’t traverse through like just on good intentions.

[Please, give her one more chance…]
Herge, got on her knees and bowed her head.

[Even though, personally I would ignore it but will miss Oriel accept my conditions? Your master is bowing head to me for you.]
[…Alright, I accept your conditions. But, if you hurt Herge-sama, I will definitely kill you]

Even though Herge chided her, Oriel didn’t stop staring at me.

[It’s fine with me, besides aside from the conditions, I didn’t have any intention to restrict you. Then, here I go]
And so, the collar fell from Oriel’s head.
[Well then, let me begin treating you. “Extra Heal”]

The two women were wrapped in a light green light.

[Wha, Extra Heal! Moreover on multiple targets! Are you a famous healer?]

Herge-san…The princess was looking at me with a surprised look.
Oriel stood up and then tried to open and close her hands. Then she jumped for a little while.
That’s how she confirmed that she was properly healed.

[I won’t say thanks. This was a deal, afterwards I will properly retain the favor.]

[Ah, if you just follow the terms of the deal than there’s no problem. Something like “Trust” is built so fast anyway. For now just rest here and we can discuss more things tommorrow.]

Saying that I moved to leave the room.
[Ah, Thank You very much. It might be rude now but my name is Herge. What is your name if I may ask?]

I won’t say my full name but well I guess I need to tell what to call me.
Well in any case I guess I will introduce myself.

[That was rude of me. My name is Yuki. You might have realized but I am the manager of this dungeon. Well if you have any problems, you can just call the goblins standing outside. We will try to accomodate you as much as we can.]

Saying that, I left the room.