Chapter 1 Let’s Make a Dungeon – Soko Hore WanWan

Chapter 1 – Let’s Make a Dungeon – Soko Hore WanWan (Soko=over there; hore=dig; wanwan=bowwow;)

After the light disappeared and my I regained my sight, I was standing between a forest and a wide plain.

[Alright, this time you seemed to have actually made it.]

By the way, Before when I dodged, she tried to find me around here for two hours. An extreme idiot.

[So, wanna talk? Or make a dungeon first?]

For now the surroundings seem to be quiet. From the previous explanation, this place is at level of Europe in the middle ages with slaves and monsters welcome. Can’t relax at all…

[Hmm, first, lets make a place where we can talk calmly.]



The silence continued.

[Why don’t you say it?]

[Don’t give it such an idiotic name!!!]

My anger is definitely appropriate.

But, with this nothing will be started…Ah, she did say she gave me a skill. Then, maybe…


Luna is wearing an astonished expression. That’s because even though I didn’t say Soko Hore WanWan and yet in front of my eyes a window popped out. By the way the skill’s title was [Soko Hore WanWan Dungeon Maker-w]. It’s pissing me off. By the way there was a GIF of a dog digging a hole. Pointlessly good.

[Whoa, without chanting, wait, read the mood!!!]

[No, you read the mood!]

As I thought, it worked without an incantation. I’m thankful only at times like these.

By the way, hearing it later it seems that magic and skills activated after chanting their name or chant.

Chant-less incantation is hard to understand but the usual fireball would finally be activated after saying some line like [Fire use my magic…]. The height of Chuunibyou. (when people have crazy delusions). Well if I simply rank the level of chant-less magic:

Chant-less>5 levels of shortened chant magic>5 levels of speed chanted magic.

By the way it seems the Soko Hore WanWan chant is usually 4 hours long…freaking annoying.

So, Soko Hore WanWan….uhh, Dungeon Maker is fine. Well looking at that, somehow I’m still able to use it and since there was a tutorial, it wasn’t that bad. Is it syncing with me? It seems to be use my image of using a PC and seems to display a 3D image. A touch-panel in the air like PCs from the future… (Like from the Iron man movies).

[Your so boring, well first of all, this is from me, you first salary]

Ping and on the terminal in front of my eyes, a message appeared.

[Received 1500 DP (Dungeon Points).]

Don’t say things like initial salary! It somehow feels like this place is my new workplace…no, it’s no different from a job…but just a little…

Well, regaining my reason, I started activating the dungeon creating system…also since Luna was here no monsters could come closer.

So, this dungeon maker seems to be one troublesome thing. If I had to say what I was feeling then first we would need secure land by spending DP. What does securing land mean anyway? Basically in Japan, how much does it cost to own 1 sq. ft type of feeling. Somehow I didn’t really have any motivation to make anything causing Luna to start complaining.

[What, you, if you can’t even do this level of management, how are you going to operate the dungeon?]

It’s true but I can’t accept it. By the way, this technique was used by a lot of people a long time ago where they would make a large dungeon and leaved it as it is. It’s definitely natural. Bring me a spreadsheet program!? By the way there’s also maintenance costs. Finally you seem to be able to sell stuff too. Uh… it’s already no different from earth. Well, first lets write down our expenses. This dungeon maker seems to also have journal function.

200 DP 2 sq. Km of land (100 DP/Sq. Km) Yearly Maintenance Costs (10 DP/Sq. Km)

100 DP 1 sq. Km of land [Depth] (100 DP/Sq. Km) Yearly Maintenance Costs (10 DP/Sq. Km)

300 DP 3 Floors (100 DP/Floor)

150 DP 3 Floor Customization (50 DP/Floor)

150 DP Trap creation (DP depends on Trap)

30 DP 3 Floors of Trap customization (1 Floor Customization=10 DP)

300 DP Monster Summoning (Details Later)

150 DP Personal Room Furniture (Mail Order System)

Total of 1380 DP Used 120 DP Remaining 90 DP after Maintenance Costs

The world is pretty difficult…If I just stay indoors then in 4 years I’m out. Aren’t my savings lower than when I was back on Earth?

Well with this feeling, I finally made it. Oh, the prerequisite condition was all the rooms had to be connected so I couldn’t use my plan to isolate my room. Well, somehow I will figure it out.

Also the most important thing is the dungeon core as part of the contract. Its part of the job to protect it, but also in this world it can be sold for a high price since it is used as a magic stone. A place to put your saved DP. I got 3 of these.

So if I let it get taken away 3 times then I won’t be able to manage the dungeon. It won’t be GAME OVER but it will definitely make things hard. Also if I don’t have at least 10 DP then the dungeon wont stay active. It seems its job is to act like a bank for the dungeon. So first of all deposited 10 DP into the core and stored the rest in the other cores. Moreover the core seems to collect the yearly maintenance fess and if there isn’t enough it will reduce its size accordingly. Needlessly efficient in that way. If you think about it, its possible to manage multiple dungeons.

Oh it seems you can also sell the core at the Dungeon Management Corner for 5000 DP.

???? item is probably MS or AC….probably requires 10,000,000 DP…

[Hey, if you’re done lets go your room]

Was she bored? Since she was wearing as sulky expression as she said that.

Whose fault do you think it is…

For now lets go back to my room and check out the situation, for that we took the shortest route to the lowest floor.

Luna seemed to be caught in a trap (Lol). Not even a lethal trap worked huh. I thought, I wonder what would even work on a god like her.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Let’s Make a Dungeon – Soko Hore WanWan

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! [Soko Hore WanWan Dungeon Maker-w] ROFL!! Great name!!

    [What, you, if you can even do this level of management, how are you going to operate the dungeon?]
    can -> can’t


    • No i think you should take it as a deeper meaning in that he was wondering how life/death doesn’t really affect gods. So like its not about the trap but that the world doesn’t really affect the gods.


  2. He sure seems calm for a guy who was just told “Let’s go to your room” by a sexy woman. Or am I reading too much into it?

    Anyway, thanks again for the chapter!


  3. How could he be so calm and nonchalant for a guy who was told: Hey I want you to give up everything you know and like to come here and do what I want you to do (slave?). Oh and you’ll be living in isolation for a very long time as I’m also giving you eternal youth.
    Anyway thanks!!

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