Chapter 6 Operation Complete! Shall we have a word?

Chapter 6 – Operation Complete! Shall we have a word?

Where did last time’s big story go? Meta appearing. Don’t mind.

Let’s ask in reverse, if you guys were fighting while risking your life, would you stop attacking if like in movies the enemy starts crying their eyes out.

You might ask why am I frivolously talking like this? It’s simple.

[G company take the prisoners to where the 2nd squad is stationed for holding. The remaining two squads will resume their normal duties while taking precautions against any enemy reinforcements.]

All objectives cleared. Capturing successful. Ally casualties zero. Complete Victory.

Eh, where did the level difference from the beginning go? This is that lesson isn’t it where things don’t always go 100% in the world.

Well let me tell you what transpired in the post-op debriefing.

Accomplishing primary objective took 3 minutes.

Its already at the level of preparing a bath. (I didn’t get this) []

The three from the primary objective and the 2 from the secondary objective where presented before causing be to at loss of words. But after that the operation transition went by smoothly.

Let me explain the events that occurred at 1st interception point alpha.

It took place at the center crossroads of the first floor.

There G company’s 1st squad was used as a decoy to lure the enemy in and attract their attention.

Starting of the battle was delayed slightly because their goals weren’t as clear as they could have been.

In a way it helped us out since we could accomplish the secondary objective by capturing the two slaves.

The primary objective was successful as the enemy was caught in the crossfire in the middle of the crossroad. Of course there weren’t any guns or anything like that.

The third phase of the plan occurred as the enemy was surrounded by my subordinates.

Eh, where was this military operation from? Fantasy right? No, no, its like something I saw in some light novel where the monsters were free to move around preventing the enemy to attack them efficiently.

Well, anyhow, they finally realized that falling in this situation was part of the plan and that they just got trapped.

[Oi, this is…]

[… The goblins….Curse, can I count on you?]

[Leave it to me, give me 20 seconds]

No, no, you guys are already trapped. Both the front and the sides have the 3 squads from G company and behind them is 1 squad of the S company.

But that wasn’t all. Don’t you guys remember? The slime exclusive hole that I had already made.

And so, the slimes attacked from the ceiling, latched on to the magician’s face interrupting his incantation. While also choking him just as planned.


[Shit, don’t move curse!!]

The other two moved to support the magician. The other two also had slimes latched onto their faces. This strategy was posted in the forums.

The modernization of the slimes’ group battle strategies Part 2

110: Anonymous

I thought they wouldn’t be able to read the atmosphere but they replied seriously.

Burying themselves in the opponents lungs and mouth so they couldn’t breathe.

If they attack from the ceiling, they’re pretty much unbeatable against humans aren’t they?

To make it work perfectly you would need to make sure the opponent doesn’t have his guard against enemies from the ceiling, so a diversion is needed.

111: Anonymous

Well if you’re thinking about this seriously, then the most efficient strategy would be this. Most living things’ eyes and mouth are near each other so if you could block them, you pretty much win.

….I guess even against a Maou, this could earn me victory.

112: Anonymous

No, no, as you would expect that wouldn’t work.

After all it’s a Maou. Using some sort of magic they could just block the slime off. It’s the same with a Hero right?

113: Anonymous

I don’t know so I can’t say for sure that it won’t work. You don’t if any of this would work in reality. Whether its blown off or not. Ah, but the question would be what would happen if the slime used was the type to have core?

114: Anonymous

In that case, you could cover the respiratory organs using most of the body and then extend the core away to another place so the the opponent would be in a daze trying to get it off his/her face while the core would stay safe.

That’s how the conversation went. Forums are pretty scary-. I understood this when I used the slimes.

The result being

[Ga, bo,bo]


[Go, bo, bo,b]

The primary objective was accomplished so easily that I moved these 3 to the secondary objective. Successful capture. From now on, lets use these convenient slimes to manage this dungeon. (Slimes are OP in this and the novel about the man picked up the gods)



The two women who were left there didn’t seem to comprehend what just happened. Well, while I’m waiting for them to be brought to me, I have better my own issues.

The operation was too perfect, If you think it would proceed normally like this, it would turn into a very serious situation when an operation fails. It’s always my turn! I have to bear it. (?)

In different way, I have the “I’ve done it now” feeling. Of course, I couldn’t purposely cause the operation to fail. Right here, I have to properly instruct the solders.

[Nevertheless, this time’s results will raise the standard of our dungeon.]

While saying that, I arrived at the hospital (ward).

The 3rd floor has not only my room but various facilities that I thought would be useful.
(Well even if I say it’s a hospital, compared to Japan its just a room)
After all since I haven’t been earning DP, the room just has simple beds.
It’s at the level of wooden beds with straw on them.

(I had no choice but to do it patiently, after all its only been 9 days)
I wanted to make a place for sleeping for the subordinates but they seem to be making their own living quarters on the second floor.

While thinking about various things, I arrived in front of my goal.

Kon, kon, kon, kon (knock, knock)
Even if I’m in a different world, I’m not about to bend my pride or manners.
Although, I already seem to have broken some of those promises.

When there was no answer, I entered into the room causing the two girls to stare at me.

[Just what the heck are you doing?]
[…Herge-sama…please fall back]

Thinking this situation would proceed favorably would make me seem to be too optimistic, but I can’t move forward unless I talk.

[Let’s see, would please listen to what I have to say?]

Now then, Shall I try my best?

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  1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂
    I wonder if the slime in this novel would evolve too(without the help of DP)
    The cleaner slime is really useful.. maybe some anon on the internet would suggest it to him
    *searching “The modernization of slimes’ group battle strategies part 2” on google*


  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

    (Slimes are OP in this and the novel about the man picked up the gods)
    Just curious, I assume this is a TL note and not the MC’s thoughts?

    [Let’s see, would please listen to what I have to say?]
    would you please


  3. He could make these people into prisoner and keep suck DP from them. Maybe chop their limbs off to make them use less energy to live and prevent them from escape, then just provide them with saline water or something. That sound kinda villainish though. Thanks for the chapter btw.


  4. Never underestimate the internet, and by extension, the imagination of ppl who have nothing better to do except formulating ‘tactical maneuvers’ using slimes, weeeeeeeeeeeee~


  5. Hello, thanks for the chapter. i just noticed, but, you should probably make a table for the chapters, or make the post announcement smaller, so other people can find the chapters. just my opinion.

    Thanks again.


  6. Thank you.

    As to the bath part I think he is referring to Japanese baths which are kept full and when used an automatic heater warms the water taking about 3 minutes. Unlike in America where you fill the bath with hot water and drain it when you’re done.


  7. Thanks for the chapter!

    Asides from that, this is already a pretty scary dungeon with these tactics… and the fact that it’s only the beginning leaves me wanting more! So keep up the good work.


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    Yeah having access to the internet is OP as all hell in that world.

    Should be an interesting conversation between him and the girls, come next chapter. Looking forward to it.


    • I was thinking about it. I think I will post 1 chapter every friday. Then every other friday, I will post an additional chapter so 6 chapters/month. Also whenever I have time I will post anything more that’s finished this way everyone knows that friday no matter what happens, a new chapter will come out.


  10. Did you translate from the light novel version ?

    I’ve read the Japanese web version and it had another side chapter that depict the past of the 5 intruders. It also contain MC attitude that’s very refreshing at the last part too.

    Maybe it too extreme and got cutoff/re-write in the light novel version ?


  11. any plans of going back to and translating chapter 5 in the near future? or just gonna continue on with later chapters since it looked like a background story?


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