Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Prologue Part 1

Prologue Part 1 I Refuse

I don’t really have a problem with the current Japan. Oh I also work at normal company (not a black company). I don’t really have a wife or child. But the world isn’t really fleeting either (may be wrong but not important to story). Every day watching TV, playing new games, reading books, eating food, taking baths. The old days as a student have already passed, I don’t really feel like going back to those days. There are many people with opinions like “days spent as students were great”. But if you think about it, “Were our days as students really free?”. Surrounded by school work, the money I could use freely was also limited, and I also had to make sure to meet parents’ expectations. Ah, to the people whose parents have passed on, I’m not really saying that parents are annoying. Becoming a adult, being capable of living by myself, I had fun. I felt that I was actually living.

What I’m saying is…

I am currently satisfied”

To the the person standing in the entrance to my apartment, I clearly say…

“Ah, I’m not really interested in religion since I entered the place my parents supported”

Aren’t most people like that? There aren’t that many people who would go out of their way to find a new religion right? When you notice it, you’re already part of your parents’ religion. Well, that’s the type of reason why I refused and was about to close the door when,

“Wai…Wait please! A little… Won’t you please hear my out a little bit more?!”

In that way, the door I was about to close had a hand inserted, stopping me from closing the door.

As you would expect, I’m not as merciless to close a door after knowing a hand has been placed between it.

But, all of sudden after opening the door

“Are you interested in managing a dungeon? If you act now I will grant you a goddess’ divine protection to support you”.

Thinking, what is this beautiful blonde-haired woman wearing a suit saying, anyone would behave the same way I did.

Even if I want to accept someone saying things like [I fell in love with you at first sight] or [I will make you rich], no wait the reason to not believe it is because they said such a thing.

The people who think there’s no relation to religion please listen to me, if all of a sudden someone comes to entangle you in matters of fate or money, I’m sure they will react just like me.

Listen this “for now please hear me out” is actually the goal of these types. That’s why after you listen to what they say and reply “I’m not interested in management” they would reply with “It’s alright, we will support you!” saying this they would surely trap you for a long time.

Then if you say evasive things like “I have work so…”, “I have an urgent matter to tend to”, it will surely pull them in even more.

That’s why I deliberately tried to shut the door in the middle of listening to her. By the way if she was a beauty, I would have immediately closed the door and turned off the intercom. Well, every home has their own way to refusing these types of people (salesman etc.).

Coming back to the situation of putting her hand between my door, this beauty, I won’t acknowledge her as a woman anymore.

I’m not as naive to believe that a flag was raised like a drama from somewhere, manga or light novels.

“I understand, its dangerous so please remove your hand”

While saying that I opened the door (because this is important), as I say it she removes to her hand and steps back so I can open the door but suddenly I closed it. Perfect! (lol).

“Wha? Whaaaa?”

I lock the door and turn off the intercom immediately and promptly retreat back to the room I was playing my game in and turn up the volume to the limit I can bear. Eh, a merciless act? Those type of people can go ahead and listen properly, get their time wasted and even be wrapped in fraud. What if they just stay out there and make noise and disturb the neighbors? Don’t worry. Reality is dark. You can just call the police and end it there.

After all, she gave up after the having the door closed. She seems to have left immediately without making a ruckus. Let’s just lower the game volume to normal and enjoy the rest of my day off.

“Don’t freaking screw with me”

All of a sudden, she showed up in front of my eyes distracting me in the middle of a boss fight resulting in my death..

Ah! My heart feels like its about to break…

“Don’t screw with me should be my line!!!!!!”

Of course I snapped, but I was calm. Immediately, I took my smart phone and called 110 (911)… Ah, it connected. “Is this the police? A unknown person has broken into my home…yes….the address is…”

“Ah, Wait a second!! It’s a misunderstanding!!”

The beauty finally understood what I was doing and immediately snatched my phone and cut the line.

“It’s not a misunderstanding, you’re trespassing!!!”

Again I tried to call but I was stopped.

“This guy, is pretty stubborn, but this should work…”

She was grumbling something, Wait my actions were perfectly normal. I’m 90% if not 100% percent sure anyone would have done the same thing in my position.

And then, the beauty pointed her hand towards me. “I will explain it to you there”

A flash of light poured on me….


Lol I have read the raws pretty far and this MC is awesome. Well for a few days my translations might be like 1 chapter a day since I’m trying to catch up to the raws but after that it should be faster in the summer because of vacation.

28 thoughts on “Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Prologue Part 1

  1. Please feel free to point out any errors I have made in spelling/grammar. Also if you think a certain part doesn’t flow well please let me know as I found that understanding the Japanese wasn’t that bad but I found that making it flow well was the most difficult. 🙂


    • hi ultimateninjax thanks for the translations hope you continue until you catch up with the author 🙂

      anyway about the translation there are some mistakes and sentences that make it difficult to understand english is not my language so i cannot “explain” exactly what you could do to correct it but it’s all about experience i’m sure as you continue it you will become better with this 🙂


    • 1 whole chapter but prologue to me is the hardest to translate I don’t know why. This first weeks (next 7 days) I’m gonna see if I can get the first arc about 14 chapters done though.


  2. So far great job with the translation! even if its just the prologue. Only part I see with a problem would be:
    “All of a sudden, the beauty showed up in the game terminal. And then I turn off the RPG I was playing. And in a moment of surprise, I let my guard down in the middle of a boss fight and died (the character).”
    Did the beauty actually show up in the game terminal or was her image simply reflected off it? And if he turned off the RPG, how can he still die in the game?
    And of course thanks for your efforts translating this!


  3. “Ah, to the people who’s parents have passed on”
    =>whose parents

    Well, now that I took care of the first word I put my eyes on after opening this page, I’m gonna read the chapter


  4. I suggest you prepare a Table of Content page soon. It won’t take you long and it’ll save a lot of problems when people want to read.

    Also it may be me, but in general having the posts in the middle make for a more attractive website than those with the text to the left/right. WordPress isn’t too difficult to manage, I suggest you check a bit around and try to personalize your site and make it look better.

    I hope you do well with the translation, and let me thank you in advance for the work!

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  5. I can see that you have problems because grammatically Japanese sentences are in reverse (as in the sentence structure), I also see quite a few mistakes, which is not because your english is bad, but because you still need to get used to it. both are something that you’ll get used to real soon.

    anyway as english is my second language i won’t be able to fully correct the sentences, but i can at least point them out so that you or someone else can fix them.

    ” I also work at a normal company and isn’t really black” -> “I also work at a normal company that isn’t really black” (doesn’t completely fix it, but still better)

    “The school like that already passed,” -> “The school like that has already passed”

    ” I don’t really feel to that I want to go back to those days” -> “I don’t really feel like i want to go back to those days” (not 100% sure, but it feels better to me)

    ” Won’t please hear my out a little bit more?!” -> ” Won’t you please hear me out a little bit more?!”

    “In that way, the door I was about to close had a hand placed between stopping me from closing the door.”
    too difficult for me to correct

    “As you would expect, closing a door after acknowledging a hand is placed there, I’m not that merciless” ->
    “As you would expect, I’m not so merciless as to close the door after acknowledging that a hand is placed there”

    “Thinking, what is this beautiful blonde-haired woman wearing a suit saying, anyone would behave the same way I did.”
    doesn’t really feel right to me

    ” I won’t acknowledge as her as a woman anymore.” -> ” I won’t acknowledge her as a woman anymore.”

    “Saying that I open the door ” -> “While saying that i opened the door”

    “the address it…” -> “the address is”

    ” I’m 90% not 100% percent” -> “i’m 90% if not 100%” (is what i’m guessing you’re trying to say)


    • Thanks for all these suggestions. I guess I was more frustrated than I expected as most of these were typing errors. I went back and changed most of them. This one though ->In that way, the door I was about to close had a hand placed between stopping me from closing the door. The author was basically trying to say that she put her hand between the door and the frame so if you close the door you crush her hand but I don’t understand how exactly how I should convey it.

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  6. Now that is a proper realistic way of dealing with trespasser unlike other mc that deal with such scenario just because she is a girl.


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